NEW NOVEL | Dying To Love Her | Available Now!

A few weeks back, I posted the book cover for my new novel, Dying To Love Her, along with the book description. While the book description gives you a brief synopsis of the story, it doesn't hit on the main focus - love and forgiveness.

Andre Rockwell, finds himself in quite the predicament when he discovers he has a son, two years later, by Ava, a woman he was once madly in love with. He also realizes that even though he felt betrayed by her, he still has those same feelings he once had. However, he doesn't know that Ava is sick. She looks fine, but she has a medical condition that threatens her life.

Andre must decide if he has the courage to love a sick woman, knowing that her situation looks dire. Or will he distance himself from impending heartache.

Dying To Love Her is available at where you can also read an excerpt.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Tina Martin, I read your novel, Accidental Deception and Girl where is book 2. I loved the book, but need more. I'm going to have to do a catch up on your novels.

    1. Hi Sidne! Book 2 of The Accidental Series is titled, Accidental Heartbreak. It's on Amazon. Book 3 is Accidental Lovers. Book 4 is What Donovan Wants.


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