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NEW RELEASE - His Paradise Wife

His Paradise Wife (The Champion Brothers)

His Paradise Wife is the first book in The Champion Men series. While it is a part of a series, it is not a continuation story. Each brother will have his own story. There are three Champion brothers: Dante, Dimitrius and Desmond.

His Paradise Wife is Dante’s story.

What is it about?

Dante is a single, 40 year old, handsome businessman who’s also a widower, having lost his wife seven years ago. He hadn’t met a woman since who could capture his interest and then he lays his eyes on Emily Mitchell.

Emily, who’s a widow, having lost her husband two years ago, has no interest in ever being married again, nor does she think there is another man who could love her more than her deceased husband, Melvin, did. But then again, she haven’t had to deal with one of the Champion men.

Get your copy today on Amazon or Nook.

Happy Reading!

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Kindle Books | Indie Authors | Price Points for Ebooks

Indie authors work very hard to put good, quality fiction out for their fans.

Speaking personally, I like to do a TON of research when working on a story. (Thank goodness for the Internet). I study the setting for my books. I research restaurants, weather, the locals, the hotspots, the houses - for the time I'm writing that particular book, or novella or short story, I immerse myself in it.

Additionally, I end up with several drafts of my books and spend hours editing, printing the work and going through each line.

How do I set my book prices?

Easy. Many people complain about the prices of eBooks. Leave it up to the public, they'll have authors selling their work at $0.00 out of desperation to get somebody, anybody, to read their book. Writing for me is fun and enjoyable but it's also my job. With that being said, I do not think it is necessary to price an eBook at $0.00 UNLESS it's for promotional purposes. As I stated, it's hard work to only be paid nothing in the end.

That's why I base prices on word count instead of page count. Let me tell you why.

I use Microsoft Word to write my books. My last novel was 167 typed pages on Word, but when I uploaded it to Kindle, Amazon shows a page count of 114 pages! That's a big difference!! Therefore, if I'm working on a project and the word count is over 15,000 words, then the starting price will be $2.99. Point. Blank. Period.

People, please don't take an authors hard work for granted. You go to work everyday and get paid by the hour. We work for hours upon hours per day and we do not get paid by the hour. And $2.99 for an eBook is a good deal, versus paying $15.00 for a paperback book.

Just my thoughts.

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Tips for Formatting an eBook on Kindle - Part 1

Always use a 0.3" first line indent.

Most authors who publish eBooks use a 0.5" indent. While this may look okay in printed books, it looks tacky on eReaders, specifically on my Kindle. Using 0.3" indent gives the book a much cleaner look.

Also, I always select 'Double' under Line spacing. 

In my experience, on the Kindle, it never comes across looking like a true double space, but it still looks decent, providing readers a good reading experience.

Alignment should always be justified so that the paragraphs are even on both sides.

These are just some of the things I noticed that helps me when publishing. If you have any suggestions, leave them in a comment below.

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