Monday Morning Motivation - Follow Your Dreams

What do you want to be in life?

I wanted to be a writer. I actually didn't know that when I was in high school. Even in college, I had no idea writing is what I wanted to pursue. I was happy being a computer technology major and looking forward to working in the corporate world. The bigger the company, the better...

Then my focused changed when I wrote my first novel, Secrets On Lake Drive. I still enjoyed corporate life, but soon, I began to realize that I wanted to pursue writing. Why? Because I loved it...I love making up stories and creating worlds...stories that evoke emotions in my readers.

It wasn't until I knew what my passion was that I understood what I didn't want. I didn't want to be stuck in an cubicle all day, sending emails, pulling my hair out, listening to someone bark orders. I wanted freedom. I wanted the freedom to do things and not worry about rushing to get back to work. I wanted the ability to do what I want and not conform to society's way of living.

So I followed my dreams...

In the beginning of my journey, the thought of being my own boss was just that...a thought. Now I'm a full-time writer and I love my life. I love writing every day and having the freedom to stop, leave whenever I want, take my daughter to the park, pick up my son from school and just live the entrepreneur lifestyle.

What do you want to be in life?

Everyone has a passion. Don't be afraid to pursue yours. Dreams don't work unless you do.

Happy Monday!
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Dying To Love Her 2 - Now Available!

Dying To Love Her, Part 2 is now available at Amazon!

What is it all about?

In sickness and in health...

In Ava, Andre Rockwell has found the woman of his dreams. Nevermind the fact she’s sick with a life-threatening heart condition. He loves her dearly and does everything in his power to prove that love. That’s why when Ava packs her bags and leaves unexpectedly, he has a hard time accepting that she wants their relationship to be over.

Ava convinces herself that Andre doesn’t deserve to be put through the agony of loving someone with her health issues, so she single-handedly makes decisions that may divide them as a family. However, she’s not aware of how deep Andre’s love for her runs. Soon, she’ll discover how it feels to be loved unconditionally by a man who would risk it all for her.


You must read Part 1 before you read Part 2. Find out what Dying To Love Her, Part 1 is all about here.

Restaurant Review - Don Pedro

Don Pedro (Mexican Restaurant)
1009 Chancellor Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28213

On a chilly, December day, me and the hubs decided to try a new restaurant - Don Pedro. Let me tell you - the ambiance in this place is amazing. The waiters and waitresses all dress in authentic Mexican garb and everyone we spoke to were friendly. So when they show you to your seat, they then bring your drink and complimentary chips, hot & mild salsa and pico de gallo. For a fee, you can elect to have fresh guacamole made right at your table. (I think this was around $6)

I ordered this:

Hubby ordered this:

My dish was a beef burrito and he ordered the Mexican stir fry. Both were delicious, although I did not like the red sauce that they splattered on my burrito...could've done without that. The only thing I didn't like about this place was the long rows of tables connected together in the middle of the floor. It doesn't give you much privacy if you were on a date because if they seat someone next to you, well, let's just say they can hear every word you speak. However, they do have a good number of privacy booths but these seem to fill up fast on busy nights.

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

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The Boardwalk - University City

The Boardwalk in University City is one of the most relaxing places in Charlotte.
Surrounded by shops and swanky restaurants, you'll find plenty of stores to shop and nice places to eat. For $10, you can rent a paddle boat at Dave's Paddle Boats  and ride across the water with friends.
Feed the ducks, swans and geese...
Feed the ducks and geese...and swans!
Take the kids to the playground...I love that this area made a little playground for the kids. This proves that this is really a family friendly environment...very important!
Enjoy the breeze under the willow trees...
Head on over to Boardwalk Billy's and have lunch or dinner on the deck at an umbrella table.
Or get lost in your thoughts staring at the water.
The Hilton is right there off of the boardwalk and has a pool...a very popular wedding location.

When you're done taking in the sites and sounds and want to get some dinner, try House of Leng. I promise they have some of the best Chinese food you'll ever eat! They also have a patio area with umbrella tables and you'll do yourself a favor by sitting on the patio because you'll still have a water view and also you get the benefit of the live music that is being played across the way near Wine Vault. And at Wine Vault, you can order wine by the bottle and sit on their patio and share with friends. Talk about your stressful day at work, or catch up on girl talk...make it fun.

For a complete listing of the stores and restaurants at the board walk, click here.

The only thing I don't like about the boardwalk is the number of ducks and geese around. Each time I go, there's poop all over the sidewalk and I actually had to dodge it and watch my step very carefully. I know people love these birds, but I wish someone could clean off the sidewalk.

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